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The Umbra King and Aeternum - Digitally Signed

The Umbra King and Aeternum - Digitally Signed

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Our exclusive luxe hardback edition of The Umbra King and Aeternum - by Jamie Applegate Hunter. 

Estimated to Ship Sept/Oct 2024

The morally grey don’t want redemption. They want retribution.

Exclusive Hardcover Edition Details:

👑 Exclusive Hardcover Design and Foiling - @best.selling.covers

👑 Digital Edge Design - @best.selling.covers

👑 Custom Interior Endpapers - artworkbyzoeholland

👑New formatting by @bookobsessedformatting

👑 Book One Digitally Signed 

👑 Ribbon Bookmark

Note: Product must be purchased separately. If more than one is purchased together your order may be canceled and subject to an administration fee.

***Pictures are digital mockups; colors and details may slightly vary. 


💗Touch Her and 💀

💗Morally Grey FMC

💗Fated Mates

💗Enemies to lovers

💗Found Family

💗Shadow Play

Triggers: Contains graphic violence, graphic death, gore, loss of an immediate family member, imprisonment, vigilante serial killer, explicit sex scenes, mature language, brief mention of sexual assault and rape in relation to the female main character stopping them from happening.

It is not suitable for those underage.

Spice Level: 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Moonlight Book Box provides spice and trigger warnings as a guide only. The way a person experiences a book’s content is very personal and each and every reader has their own reactions to a book’s content. We do our very best to ensure you have all the information to make informed decisions but cannot be held responsible for your personal views, triggers, or level of safe reading.

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