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Rise of The Cinder Fae - Digital Signature

Rise of The Cinder Fae - Digital Signature

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Rise of The Cinder Fae

By Whitney Dean

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Our Exclusive Edition Features:

Redesigned Hardback cover with gorgeous foiling details and digitally printed edges by - @alyesasworld

Custom interior endpapers by - @giulia_fw.arts

Bound vellum overlay by - @giulia_fw.arts


Born and raised in the forgotten and broken kingdom of Ashbury, Elora has spent years resenting the royals of Pumpkin Hollow, the kingdom that forced the fall of Ashbury and procured the town as its own.

Separated by a mysterious glass bridge, Ashbury is treated as the orphan kingdom, left to squander and starve with only the promise of protection from King Jasper, preventing anyone outside their realm from searching for the magic that lay within the ashy valleys and red skies.

Because twenty-five years ago, the Cinder Fae arrived. As mysterious as the magic encompassing Ashbury, the Cinder Fae bargained for their lives by promising to keep the entire realm warm with their ability to mine mountainsides into coal.

But Elora and the Cinder Fae hold a secret that could bring the end to Ashbury and the mysterious winged creatures, who, despite Elora’s best efforts to pry, refuse to share where they came from or why they can’t return.

In her desperation to prevent the downfall of her kingdom and the death of her beloved Fae, Elora drinks from an enchanted spring, convinced she can make the prince of Pumpkin Hollow fall in love with her and guarantee their safety.

But magic takes to give.

And Elora didn’t realize her heart would be the sacrifice.


Enemies to Lovers

Arranged Marriage

Only one Horse

Slow Burn

Spice Rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️


Alcoholism, Familial Verbal Degradation, Infertility, Mental/Physical Torment, Attempted Assault, Graphic/Violent Situations, On-page, Open Door Spice.

Moonlight Book Box provides spice and trigger warnings as a guide only. The way a person experiences a book’s content is very personal and each and every reader has their own reactions to a book’s content. We do our very best to ensure you have all the information to make informed decisions but cannot be held responsible for your personal views, triggers, or level of safe reading.

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